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It's been a while since I posted and all. I almost forgot I had this thing. Well..

Things have been pretty smooth lately. This morning, nearly tripped over a stray cat. It hissed at me and all that. Reminded me of a certain stupid cat-like-person. Kyonkyon.

I was on my way to Haru's, but I might eat something before I go..I wonder what I can cook without burning? Maybe a salad. u_u
..haa..it's gotten pretty cold recently, hasn't it? Ugh..I'm tired u_u.

I hope everyone's okay. I got locked in my dorm by the snow, but I've got a working heater and a little electricity, so I'm fine. I managed to go to the store earlier on Wednesday, too, so I'll go okay onii-san, don't freak out, I'm quite alright. .

The mice are a little freaked out though.
...well, I was out studying for a while..but I'm back. APperantly I missed something..including Rin coming. Welcome to Cross, Rin.

I'm almost done wrapping Haru's present..so I'll be leaving in just a bit. u_u;
Yuki's gone missing somewhere! XO He wandered somewhere (He's catching Haru's lostness. XD) and he's fine. But his phone ran out of juice, so he's kinda stranded for a little while :O...four days! XO

If you want to leave him a message anyway, leave it here. XD <3

in which Yuki shows his face. Finally.

Haru, seriously, I hope you're having a good time over in England. ANd I hope you bring me back something cool u_u.

I've finally picked out a present for Fakir. And..I have on for nii-san too. -_- Just because we're siblings. Nothing else.

Nii-san, I hope the decision you've made makes you a very happy and less annoying by some miracle man. u_u You too, Hatori.

just don't bring me into it.

Dec. 8th, 2006

Is it really true that the whole family is going to get together again? u_u I thought Christmas was supposed to be happier than this

I heard Haru's going to England. Well, Haru..have fun. :O

Fakir even though I haven't seen you in a while, I got you a gift. For Christmas, of course. I hope you're okay. I haven't heard from you in a long time.

Lets do something fun this Christmas, okay? ♥


Haru, I hope your airplane crashes. -_-;

Nov. 23rd, 2006

..eh..happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you're all doing very well, and have a good rest of the year.

..as for me, well, I may be withdrawing from Cross. u_u It's not final, but I just feel like I'm not getting what I want from here. maybe I'm just being selfish.

But I hope that doesn't get to any of you! Have a great Thanksgiving anyway.

wakka wakka//do-do//yeah

Ugh..=__=' last night I kept having weird dreams that someone hugged me and I turned into a mouse! DX I was like the mice lord. u_u I'd call it a nightmare.

I walked in on Haru and Hitomi-san at the cafe a couple nights ago. It was nice to see him again after locking myself in my room for such a long time. u_u I had a little cold, probably because the weather is changing from summer to fall..I hate it when it does that u_u.

Well, after all that's happened, I'm kind of glad everything's settled and calm again. u_u I haven't seen Akito in a while..or anyone, for that matter. I'll have to go visit Fakir later.

I'm kind of bothered that the mice have been very skittish lately. Like something bad is going to happen again soon. Eh, I'm probably just being a little wired..

I heard something happened to Kisa..is she okay?